Steiner Music has its origins in one man’s vision to provide alternatives to the standard kerosene based mineral oils. In the short term those mineral oils fulfil their task, but the smaller molecules within them inevitably evaporate leaving the larger molecules to make the instrument feel slow and gummy. Advances in chemical technology in several industries have led to the production of much more stable synthetic oils. These modern oils are long lasting, water repelling and provide good lubricity and high film strength, as well as low evaporation, and resistance to emulsion formation. 

The other major advantage of synthetic oil technology is that it can be finely regulated to produce lubricants for very specific instrument applications. This has led to Steiner Music manufacturing the largest range of specialist musical instrument lubricants in the UK, with those products being sent all over the world.

The benefits of intelligent care of an instrument are significant. It will give your instrument a longer playing life and help maintain its value. Your instrument will also be healthier to play, it will look better; it will also play better and perform better. At Steiner Music we believe that to be very important - music is an essential part of the fabric of most of our lives. It is an extremely powerful means of communication, playing a role in many of our social institutions, breaking down cultural barriers and strengthening social unity, and we are glad to be playing a very small part in that. Do read about our commitment to you, the environment and the community in our Social Responsibility section.

Steiner Music has a strong commitment to the education sector and recognizes how research shows that learning to play a musical instrument has great benefits in the educational environment. It improves math and language performance. It improves memory, concentration, creativity, self-esteem, and self-discipline. It improves reasoning capacity and problem-solving skills and builds greater social and team skills. However, learning how to look after an instrument is not always the priority it should be within music education. Steiner Music is happy to support music education professionals through special pricing, care and maintenance advisories, and fingering charts. Please use the details on the Contact page to get in touch with us.