Respect and Support for customers, employees and suppliers

Steiner Music seeks to be a model company in global, national and local society. We will always deal openly and honestly with our customers, employees and suppliers.

In the treatment of our employees we will always go beyond the requirements of national standards and legislation.

In the countries where we operate our attitude shall be characterised by respect for the cultures, customs and values of individuals and groups.

Respect and Support for the environment

Steiner Music has made a conscious policy decision to explore every avenue open to us to ensure that care of the environment is a key consideration in our work practices.

At Steiner Music we recognize that all industrial processes have the potential to cause environmental harm and that the world’s resources are not limitless. Therefore, we accept a social and moral responsibility for putting into place environmentally friendly measures that go beyond legislative requirements.

We expect the same commitment from our suppliers and partners so that at every stage, from raw material to the end product, the impact on the environment will be minimized.

As far as possible our packaging materials are made from renewable raw materials. The packaging of the majority of our accessory products arises from recycled soft drinks bottles. Instead of using lead for the larger type weights in our instrument cleaning accessories, we use a specially developed non-toxic alloy.

Respect and Support for the community

Steiner Music is committed to supporting the community and is actively involved in projects that encourage children and young people to discover the joy of playing a musical instrument.

We currently support the Sociedade Musical Tianguaense – Orquestra Filarmônica Dr. Edvaldo Moita. This youth orchestra project in the North East of Brazil assists children and teenagers at risk of marginalisation and exploitation through the drug trade and sex trafficking. The activites of the SOMUT organisation make it one of the largest social work projects for children in the state of Ceará. Involvement with the project provides children with increased opportunities and promotes good citizenship.