Our Commitment To Your Privacy

Steiner Music is committed to the protection of online data. It will always respect the rights of its customers and take the expectations of all its website visitors into account. The protection of your personal information is paramount for Steiner Music. The decision whether or not to supply this information on a voluntary basis e.g. during registration, rests solely with the customer.

Steiner Music will never sell customer information including usernames and e-mail addresses to third parties, or market it in any other way. Steiner Music will only store and process personal information to the extent required in order to fulfil existing contractual and legal obligations to customers. This may involve passing on information required to process and deliver customer orders to third party delivery services.  We do not store or intend to store financial details, including credit card and debit card numbers.  We do not send random marketing emails to personal email addresses (spam). We conform to the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act, 1998.

Registration and consent to receive information

Steiner Music will always seek its customers express consent in advance in relation to informing them about current promotions normally in the form of an e-mail newsletter three or four times a year. This consent is sought at registration. That consent may be revoked at any time without following a particular form. Please use the details on our Contact Information page. If customers revoke their consent, we will cease using their information for the specified additional purpose in a timely manner. We ask for customers understanding in that processing a revocation may take up to three working days after it is received.

We are happy to provide you with a copy of the information we hold in respect of your personal data. We are also happy to make corrections to that information or to delete it should you require it. Please write to us at the Head Office address on our Contact Information page.

Reasonable Precautions

Steiner Music takes reasonable precautions to guarantee the security of personal information against loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, and dissemination. It’s servers use encryption against unauthorized access as well as being protected by passwords and firewalls. Steiner Music encourages all customers to take precautions to protect personal information on the World Wide Web. At a minimum, we encourage customers to change passwords regularly, and ensure they use a secure browser when surfing the Internet.

Terms and Conditions

This Privacy Policy applies in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions including the terms of sale. The use of this website is governed by those terms and conditions in combination. We encourage all our customers and website visitors to familiarize themselves with those Terms and Conditions.

This Privacy Policy applies to all direct Internet services offered by us and accessible under www.steinermusic.co.uk, www.steinerinstruments.com and www.steinershop.com

The policy will no longer apply once you leave Steiner Music Internet portal (direct internet services) through a link (links) and access an Internet page that is not under our control. The use of this website is subject to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, Steiner Music respectfully requests that you refrain from using our website. We reserve the right to amend or supplement the privacy policy or to remove parts of it at any time. Changes will be communicated on the website.

Comments and Questions

If you have comments or questions regarding this privacy policy or other policies related to this website, please contact us in writing using the details on the Contact Information page.